Works - ნაშრომები (ილია ჭავჭავაძე)


Authors: Chavchavadze, Ilia
Subjects: ქართული პროზა; ქართული პოეზია; Грузинская проза; Грузинская поэзия; Georgien prose; Georgien poetry
DDC Subject: Literature & rhetoric
Abstract: The book features some works of Ilia Chavchavadze translated into English by brother and sister Oliver and Marjory Wardrop. The translations have not lost their literary value to the present day. The publication is intended as a gift to the Georgian reader in connection with the 150th anniversary celebrations of the birth of the outstanding Georgian writer and public figure.
Table Of Contents: წინასიტყვაობა; Preface ; Autobiography ; Notes of a Journey from Vladikavkaz to Tiflis ; The Sportsmans Story ; Is that a Man? ; The Hermit ; Poems .
Date of Issue: 1987
Source: Works / I. Chavchavadze; [Trans. by Marjory and Oliver Wardrops; Text prepared for publ., with a preface and notes by I. Popkhadze. Ed. by G. Sharadze]. —Tb.: Ganatleba, 1987. — 86 p.; 20 cm. — The title pace in engl. and georg. UDC: 894.631+894.631—3+894.631—1
Language: English; Georgian
Extent Format: 50 გვ.
Created: 2006-12-08
Modified: 2009-01-15


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