The Knight in the Tiger Skin (Shota Rustaveli)

The Knight in the Tiger Skin

Authors: Rustaveli, Shota
Subjects: ქართული ეპიკური პოეზია; Грузинская эпическая поэзия; Georgien epic poetry
DDC Subject: Literature & rhetoric
Table Of Contents: 1 Introduction; 2 Story of Rostevan, King of the Arabians; 3 King Rostevan and Avthandil Go Hunting; 4 How the King of the Arabians Saw the Knight Clad in the Tiger Skin ; 5 Thinathin Sends Avthandil to Find the Knight ; 6 Avthandils Letter to His Vassals ; 7 Avthandil Sets Forth in Quest of the Knight ; 8 Avthandils Tale as Told to Asmath in the Cave ; 9 The Meeting of Tariel and Avthandil ; 10 The Telling of His Tale by Tariel When He First Told It to Avthandil ; 11 Tariel Tells the Tale of His Falling in Love When He First Fell in Love ; 12 First Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Her Lover ; 13 First Letter Written by Tariel to His Beloved ; 14 Tariel Writes a Letter and Sends a Man to the Khatavians ; 15 Nestan Summons Tariel to Her; 16 The Letter Written by the King of the Khatavians in Answer to Tariel ; 17 The Meeting of Tariel and Nestan ; 18 Tariels Departure for Khataethi and Great Battles ; 19 Letter of Tariel to the King of the Indians When He Triumphed Over the Khatavians ; 20 Letter of Nestan-Daredjan Written to Her Beloved ; 21 Tariels Weeping and Fainting ; 22 Tariels Letter in Answer to His Beloved ; 23 Counsel About Nestan-Daredjans Marriage ; 24 Counsel Between Tariel and Nestan-Daredjan and Its Results ; 25 The Coming to India of Khvarazmshas Son and His Slaying by Tariel ; 26 Tariel Hears Tidings of the Loss of Nestan-Daredjan ; 27 The Story of Nuradin-Phridon When Tariel Met Himon the Seashore ; 28 Tariels Aid to Phridon, and Their Victory OverTheir Foes ; 29 Phridon Tells Tariel Tidings of Nestan-Daredjan ; 30 The Story of AvthandiPs Return to Arabia After He Had Found and Parted From Tariel p; 31 AvthandiPs Request to King Rostevan, and the Vizier ; 32 AvthandiPs Discourse With Shermadin When He Stole Away ; 33 The Testament of Avthandil to King Rostevan When He Stole Away ; 34 Avthandils Prayer and His Flight ; 35 King Rostevan Hears of Avthandils Secret Flight ; 36 Avthandils Second Departure and Meeting with Tariel ; 37 Avthandil Comes Upon the Unconscious Tariel ; 38 Tariel Tells of the Killing of the Lion and the Tiger ; 39 Here Is the Going of Tariel and Avthandil tothe Cave and Their Seeing of Asmath ; 40 Of the Going of Avthandil to Phridons When He Met Him at Mulghazanzar ; 41 Of Avthandils Going to Phridons When He Parted From Tariel ; 42 Avthandils Departure From Phridon to Seek Nestan-Daredjan ; 43 The Story of Avthandils Arrival in Gulansharo ; 44 Avthandils Arrival at Phatmans; Her Reception of Him and Her Joy ; 45 Phatman Becomes Enamoured of Avthandil; Writes Him a Letter and Sends It ; 46 The Letter of Love Written by Phatman to Avthandil ; 47 Avthandils Letter in Answer to Phatmans ; 48 Here Is the Slaying of the Chachnagir and His Two Guards by Avthandil ; 49 Phatman Tells Avthandil the Story of Nestan-Daredjan ; 50 The Story of the Capture of Nestan-Daredj an by the Kadjis, Told by Phatman to Avthandil ; 51 The Letter Written by Phatman to Nestan-Daredjan ; 52 The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Phatman ; 53 The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Her Beloved ; 54 Avthandils Letter to Phridon ; 55 Avthandils Departure from Gulansharo and His Meeting With Tariel ; 56 Tariel and Avthandil Go to Phridon ; 57 The Counsel of Nuradin-Phridon ; 58 The Counsel of Avthandil ; 59 The Counsel of Tariel ; 60 The Taking of the Castle of Kadjethi and the Saving of Nestan-Daredjan ; 61 The Going of Tariel to the King of the Seas ; 62 The Wedding of Tariel and Nestan by Phridon ; 63 Tariel Goes Again to the Cave and Sees the Treasure ; 64 Here Is the Marriage of Avthandil andThinathin by the King of the Arabs ; 65 Tariel Hears About the Death of the King of India ; 66 The Arrival of Tariel in India and His Conquest of the Khatavians ; 67 The Wedding of Tariel and Nestan-Daredjan ; 68 Epilogue.
Date of Issue: 1977
Source: The Knight in the Tiger Skin: Poem / Shota Rustavel; Transl. by Marjory Scott Wardrop. III. by I. Toidze introd Irakliy Abashidze. — M. : Progress, 1977. — 430 p.,III., L. portr.; 25cm. The litle in ngl. a. UDC: 894.631-13
Language: English
Extent Format: 179 გვ.
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