Narikala castle (Tbilisi)

Narikala castle (Tbilisi)

The ruins of an ancient fence of the mother –castle Narikala still stands On the western ridge of Sololaki. The name Narikala first appeared in the 18th century, until then it was called –Kala. In the 6th century the king Dachi strengthened and widened the old castle that was located o this very place , since then the Kala castle was the most important defensive castle and the royal residence in the newly founded Tbilisi. The citadel had several times been invaded by the foreign invaders and many times restored by the Georgians when still getting the castle back from the hands o\f the invaders.

In the 13th century the St. Nicolas church was constructed within the borders of the Kala castle. When Georgia was occupied by the Russian empire , the Russian garrison was deployed in the Kala castle. He liturgical ceremonies were terminated in the church and the gun powder ware house was arranged there instead, a little later the fire resulted in the gun powder explosion and this entailed the devastation of the church and the other building , according to one of the versions the fire was caused by the thunderbolt and it was perceived by the people as the mark sent from the most high.

On the place where the previous church was destroyed by the fire, the St. Nicolas church was constructed by the architect T. Kiparoidze in 1996- 1997, the new church exactly repeated the plan of the previous church.The church is of “prescribed cross” type, it has the doors from three sides, the dome is supported by the couple of round columns and by the protrudings of the conch. The conch is not protruded from the rectangular, the facades are faced with well hewed yellowish-sand colored squares , the composition of crosses are depicted under the pediment ,the window, under the couple of the rhombuses that are vertically arranged in the centre of the eastern facades.

The facades are simple, the windows are circled with simple frames , the flatness of the wall is whole , though the bunch of the slim columns “ cut in the middle” are leading up the lower part of the building creating a kind of unfinished expression. The fragment of the previous building are built in the western and northern parts of the church.The church is painted by Vl. Tevdoradze and D. Khidasheli.


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