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Sioni Church (Tbilisi)

Sioni Church

One of the famous memorials in the old city - Sioni Church in honour of Virgin Assumption or just Sioni. The street is correspondingly called Sioni, where you can get via Erekle the Second street. It is called so in honour of Jerusalem Sioni. The primary construction is dated by the period of Vakhtang Gorgasali (446-499) and was completed in the seventh century. During the centuries Sioni was exposed to destruction and suffered numerous times.

In 1226 Djelal-Ed-Din with a huge army invaded Georgia and occupied Tbilisi. Shah ordered to take off the dome of Sioni Cathedral and put his tent instead of it on the top, to see a burning city and tortures of Christians who didn't disgraced holly icons. Then a lot of people were beheaded and thrown to the Mtkvari River. One hundred thousand Georgian martyrs were executed in this way. A terrible earthquake followed and the tent fell down from the top of the cathedral. In the cathedral Saint Nino's sacred rood made from two peaces of vine fixed with each other with enlightener's hair is kept. This rood was taken to Russia in 1752 and it was brought back only in 1801.


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