Gori (Kartli)

Gori - Kartli

Gori is one of the ancient cities in Georgia. It is situated at the confluence of rivers Mtkvari and Liakhvi, 558m above sea level. Gori is mentioned in annals from the VII century. Gori was situated at the cross of the most important strategic and economic roads. To get it meant political supremacy in Shida Kartli, that`s why it was destroyed many times by foreign conquerors. Officially it was declared as a city in 1801, but from 1950 it is a city of republican subordination. Nowadays Gori is an administrative centre of Shida Kartli region and Gori district.The city is named according to a rocky hill (in Georgian "gora") which exists in the city, on which there is an ancient fortress - Gori Fortress.
Gori district is situated on the valley of Shida Kartli. General area - 2320qu/km. Climate is subcontinental, middle annual temperature is +21C. In other periods of an year possible temperature is +40C and -25C.
A quantity of Gori district inhabitants is 89,9thousand. The population of town is 54,2thousand. There are 144 populated areas: one city, 143 villages.
Representative organ of the region is a council of the region, but an executive organ is Gori district management board.
In the region there are processing and canary of fruit, wine factories, mill factory, there is the only sleeper saturating factory in Trans-Caucasus etc. Advanced branches of agriculture are: fruit-growing, vegetable growing, melon-gardening, cereals and vine-growing. A main line and an international main road ("silk road") of Trans-Caucasus pass through the region.
In the region there are: 60 public and 6 private schools, 5 higher educational institutions, 48libraries, 1 theatre and 6 museums.
In Gori region there are many historical and culturul ancient monuments and museums: among them J. Stalin State Museum, Gori Fortress, S. Makalatia Etnographic-historical museum of Gori, Atheni Sioni cathedral and an ancient city Uplistsikhe hollowed out in the rock, historical-architectical museum-reserve and etc.


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