Chitakhevi (Green Monastry) (Borjomi)

Chitakhevi (Green Monastry)

If a couple of kilometers distance from Borjomi you turn right and follow a narrow, dense gorge through the wood, you will come across a monastery – just in the middle of the forest, in what feels like a green paradise. Here, as in ancient times, monks still offer their prayers to God for the people and country. If you walk there, you may even have the chance to hear the cries of wild animals in the distance. This monastery is from the 9-10th centuries and was built by Christophore and Tevdore – the apprentices of the outstanding religious figure in Georgia – St. Grigol of Khandzta.
The church consists of three basilicas and a bell-tower, where one can still see typical ornaments of Georgian stone-carving. The monastery has experienced numerous attacks by various enemies, the trace of which is still visible as a marvelous miracle – there still exist spots of blood of the martyred monks on the stones in the brook that flows by the church. Time and the current of water have not had the power to remove the spots. These are the most sacred aspect of the cloister


ტექსტის სანახავად გაიარეთ რეგისტრაცია.