The Katskhi church - Imereti

The Katskhi church - Imereti

A monument to old Georgian architecture, the Katskhi church stands in the middle of the village of Ptskhi, Chiatura region, on the bank of the Katskhura tributary of the Kvirila. According to the inscription on the tympanum of the southwestern entrance the church dates back to the 10th-11th centuries.

The Katskhi church is a large, domed polyhedral building with six apses inside. The whole building consists of three concentric, multilateral parts, arranged in a three step cascade- the gallery, the church building proper, and the dome drum. The building is richly decorated with carved ornaments. In an eastern part of the gallery one can still see an important specimen of Georgian plastic art, a bas-relief sculpture of a symbolic scene: the ascension of the cross by four angels, set in an ornamental round frame.

Katskhi fortress was initially in royal subordination. Nearby the village there is a pillar of natural rock, forty meters high, the so called katskhi’s Sveti ,with two little Churches (5th-6th century) on the top. In middle ages this place used to be the retreat of Monophysitic hermits.


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