“David Kakabadze Gallery of Visual Arts of Kutaisi”

“David Kakabadze Gallery of Visual Arts of Kutaisi” - At the beginning of 20 century Michael Gokieli built the two storied stone building in front of the main building of the Gymnasium where he arranged the hotel of the first category and called “Frantsia”(France). There were 35 rooms there.
In 1922 the building was confiscated but the hotel still stayed there. In 1930 it was rehabilitated and the 25 rooms were given to the joint stock company “Intourist” . The hotel was renamed as “Grand- Hotel”. After the opening the hotel of “Kutaisi” the “Grand-Hotel” turned into dormitory.
The gallery stores famous Georgian painters’ works (totally about 3000 items that include: painting, graphic, sculpture, applied art, etc.). Also it includes the works of contemporary Europian artists/planners.The gallery consists four exhibitions halls; two of them are used for the permanent exhibitions and another two – for temporary exhibitions. The gallery can be rented.


ტექსტის სანახავად გაიარეთ რეგისტრაცია.